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The Jones

We are finally getting some AMAZING weather, it really is becoming perfect time to take photos! I got to take Heather and Joseph's photos yesterday and I am so tickled with how they turned out. I'm starting to get a better feel with Lightroom and loving the simplicity of it and how it prevents me from messing them up too greatly! However, still frustrated with how long it takes to import, export and then find where did I put those photos.... I'll eventually create a more effecient work flow...so--any suggestions would be so appreciated...

 Okay, so here are my favorites!


I love how she is peeping over his arm...


They were amazing, I tried to get up on top of the bails...and so unsuccessful!! Way to go :D haha


We were thinking we could create some cute stationary using this! I know it's corney, but I couldn't resist! It would all to perfectly allow their family and friends to "keep up with the Jones'" haha


I love photoshop :D


I am starting to lean more in this direction with my style...I love the soft ambiance and it's almost as though you can feel the warmth.





Thanks for letting me take photos of you two!

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