beautiful women

SO life is simply amazing. I started a new job as and I think I'm going to like it, but I'm really learning how to slooow down. It allows time to think; I almost feel like I am in grad school again. Another thing that is to be enjoyed is the huge campus...which creates excuses to walk around and enjoy the sun...

I ordered my new camera last night!!! I am SO excited, I've been researching and saving for awhile---so I hope the next five days will fly so it will come to me sooner! 

AND (!) I am still glowing from the opportunity to photo a wedding in Hawaii!! YAY!! Not only are the photos going to be outstanding....but who can turn down a free vacation :D (and with the sweetest people!)

I haven't been able to post anything in a while because I have been editing non-stop on my photos for the website! So, since this is a photography blog, here are some bridals from a while back:


Vanessa..."that's what she said, hahahahaha" Aw, I miss you!!


Mrs Anderson!




So much fun. Anyways, if you have any thoughts or just want to say hi, leave me a comment! :D

junk yard

So, I think this is my new favorite place to take photos...even though they were closed they allowed us to sneak in and take shots till sunset! We took them for Chantal's darling :D and I think they turned out phenomenal!

Here are some of my favorites!



She's such an amazing model!


I think we took about 300 shots of her spinning... so many turned out and I'm going to try and compile an series shot in photoshop, but I'm too tired for tonight!



And saving the best for last!!! she is so beautiful! Wesley you are one blessed man! And to think you get to spend an entire month with her!


Thanks darling! I think they really turned out amazing!

making beautiful

After church, Chantal and I shopped to re-create, decorate, and beautify her place--since her sweetheart is coming for his first trip to the US! It started off as a skeptical plan and I think we both shocked ourselves by how beautiful it all turned out! I didn't want to leave and come back to my place...maybe next week it will be my turn to make beautiful.

Here are some photos of how the day progressed:


This is how the day started... with bamboo sticks..haha... after 1 hour of risky and creative ladder climbing, on top of the table... a beautiful cloth divider was created! yay :D


Poor Clo, she kept thinking we were moving out...


Some of the beautiful details....


New flower arrangement, compliments go to Kendra's original inspirational design :)


And the finished product! It really created such a sweet ambiance of comfort and light that it took all my energy to return home to edit photos.... SO, Chantal... you can come decorate my place next week? Yes or yes? And speaking of editing photos, many thanks go out to all of you who helped write recommendations for the website!!


As I was deciding what photos to place on my website, I realized that I haven't posted any photos from Ginger's wedding! And looking back, this wedding was so special. Ginger and I grew up in the same tiny town in South Texas.  However, we ended up going to different schools. Years later, we started chatting again via Facebook and I started asking for her expertise on photography stuff! Long story short, I was incredibly honored whenever she asked me to shoot her wedding since she is a photographer as well. The wedding and reception were so heartfelt and it was wonderful seeing people I had not seen in years. With all that said, here are some of my favorites from the wedding!







Here is there special moment right before the ceremony! I know people have their opinions as to when the bride and groom should see each other; however, from a photographer's stand point, it is so amazingly perfect whenever the couples met prior to the ceremony. This allows quality photographs outside, a non-rushed setting, and it alleviates much stress! Chantal and Ginger spotted a field behind the church, so after this moment, we hiked it out there and took more photos :D.




This is a pure kodak moment... there was a malfuntion with the DJ's music in their first dance, so the entire crowd starts clapping and then Ginger and Alan start dancing creatively to the beat! Such a great moment :D


Ginger had the great idea of using dried herbs instead of the standard bird sead or flower petals! Great wedding, and I'm still amazed you planned it in less than 3 months!

With all that said, I have to give a HUGE thank you to Chantal for being my assistant the entire time! If it weren't for her, these pictures wouldn't be here, literally... :D You're the BEST!  


Wednesday's with Amy :D

I am so glad I checked my voicemails today...whenever I got off from work I got one from my friend saying they were taking photos and would love for me to join! I was so psyched because Amy is amazing PLUS I still need more faces for my website! So I ran home, grabbed my camera bag and was there not 15 min after 5:00...pretty talented :D. Anyways, here are some of my fav's from the evening! Amy, I need your address so I can send you a copy of all the others!




I want everyone to take note of Amy's amazing shoes, for one they are so cute, but secondly...she hiked up, underneigh this high bridge...with out even complaining! Where I was getting a little nervous because I was slipping in my tennis shoes...that is just one reason why she is so amazing!


That one is my favorite!


























Sorry Amy! I had to add that one, I just think you look so happy and your hair is PERFECT!



Alright, well I could keep adding them but I'll stop! More photos to come...