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cody + christina | decatur wedding | dfw wedding photographer





abbie + josh | abilene wedding photographer | perini ranch wedding

I am so excited to post this stunning wedding.

I hope you two have an amazing honeymoon!!!


I just love that photo!



amanda + pierce engagements | ft worth photographer

Amanda and Pierce were so sweet to work with!  They were so thoughtful and had so many creative ideas.  A photographers dream :)

They are both studying at Abilene Christian University.  Pierce is studying business management and will eventually go work in their family business called Central Texas Tool Company.  They are quite a mechanically inclined family (you'll soon see, he bought a car and he and his dad fully restored it!).  Amanda is majoring in early childhood education.  She would love to teach elementary art.

Amanda and Pierce met back in a school party in 2002 when they were just entering the 6th grade.  As Amanda puts it, "It was a party we will always remember."  She had just moved to Texas two months before and it was her first experience to make new friends.  Since she was the new girl, Pierce and his friends decided to pull a prank on her by throwing a dead fish someone had caught.  So when she came up to introduce herself to the group of guys, Pierce quickly tossed the dead, decaying fish in her hair :) haha!  Fortunately, by their junior year of high school it was all just water under the bridge and the began to date seriously.

This was Pierce's first car back when he turned 16.  He and his dad fully restored it, and not just the motor. They also did the upholstery, paint, interior...everything.  So amazing right? 

I'm so excited to share these with you!