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connor | family | dallas family photographer

Sweet little Connor!! Can you believe how much he has grown? Here is when he was a little newborn.

I have to say, that he was the perfect little model. Evidence of all those beautiful smiles and big eyes :D. Mom and dad also had so many great ideas! What better way to enjoy your 1st birthday than a little cake to play in. Yes or yes :)


kacal | family

After our photos in Galveston we made our way up to Houston to meet the Kacal family for their photos! They were the winners of our family session give-a-way hosted together with Meredith at Sweet T Family. And boy were they a delight!  Elise found the most amazing children's park in downtown Houston that made our session a one stop shop.  

The weather predicted a 60% chance of rain, but it didn't end up raining during the shoot at all, AMEN!  Better yet, that forecast worked on our behalf since it scared all the other people away! Too bad it didn't scare away some construction workers in our vicinity dropping sheet rock off the tops of tall buildings, giving us at least one close call.  Whew!

Other than that, the park was all ours, and the giant fountain only had two other kiddos there (I can imagine it getting quite crowded on a hot and sunny day).   

Alright, enough chat.  Please meet the Kacal family :)


tichenor family | houston newborn photographer

It's not everyday a photographer has the honor of being flown into town to take photos for just one spectacular family.  A family with big hearts, smiles and style, I might add.  The mom, Meredith, collected so many great ideas and props it truly was a rich environment for any photographer.

Also, meet the wonderful new baby Slade.  He is only 10 days old in these photos!  Slade was the perfect little boy and slept through 99% of the session!  I hope my babies do that one day :D

If you want to see more photos of this beautiful family, be sure to check out Meredith's blog.  It is updated daily with funny stories, beautiful images, and great finds, and even some giveaway prizes!  I just adore her so much, and while you're at it, make sure to check out their session from November.  You will quickly realize the consistent likability of this awesome family :)


Above:  Check out that smile!!!!! :D


elena, chris + sam | family

Up next, the cutest baby you will ever see.  Samuel :)

Back in July I had the blessing of photographing Elena and Chris, along with the future Samuel.  It happened to be one of my favorite maternity sessions :).  We incorporated a couple of the same themes this time around :D.  

The shoot was at their adorable home!  I wish Elena would decorate my home, she's a decorating genius. GENIUS :)

Samuel is now 10 months old and just about the cutest baby you will ever see.  No joke.  We did a variety of activities including: food eating, swinging, book reading, and Samuel's favorite, playing with pots and pans.  So precious! 

After this we went on over to Elena's sister's home, Heatherly, and did a family shoot with her husband Les, and their four amazing kids.  The shoot reinforced my secret dream of having many kids :D.

More of those to come later! 

Hope you find some you love, and thanks again for asking me to photograph your family.  So much love and joy to capture--making my job a piece of cake! 

Above:  Check out those adorable feet and hands!!! 

He is seriously the cutest.  How can anybody not just love him at first sight?? :)

A good days work :D 


the bensons | family

Everyone please meet the Benson's.  I've had the pleasure of watching this fantastic couple meet, get married, and have a beautiful little girl.  But she's not so little anymore!  Erin is a dear friend that is also from the great state of Oregon, and moved down here for school.  Three of my closest friends did the exact same thing (they all grew up together)! 

One of my favorite weddings stories is from Erin's wedding.  Her ring bearers were so mischievous!!  While Erin and Will were at the alter, they were looking under her dress, swatting her bottom with their ring pillow, and refusing to look at or listen to their dad who was trying his best to make them stop and leave the stage.... I had tears in my eyes from laughing throughout the entire ceremony! 

Erin and Will met while they were in school, and now they live in the Dallas area.  Erin is a fantastic hair stylist/stay at home mom, so if you want a fabulous new do, contact me and I can hook you up :).  I never knew that my hair could have the option of the non-fuzzball look until she worked her magic :D. 

Brylie made this session such a cinch!  She was all smiles, funny faces, poses, giggles, chattiness, and just ready to have fun.  We even got a couple priceless screams in there.... hehe.

I hope you find MANY you love!  I edited a ton more but didn't have the space to post them....so keep that in mind :D.

Image below: Quite possibly my new favorite family photo.  I would LOVE for my photo style to move towards this direction.  Mucho lens flare, motion, slight blurriness with a watercolor feel and a pinch of beautiful emotion.  I think this image evokes such tenderness and real sincerity that allows the viewer to pause....sigh... :).