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aubrey + austin | dallas wedding | dallas wedding photographer

Aubrey and Austin tied the knot in total love and style a couple Saturdays ago. Both the wedding and reception took place at the Lofty Spaces, an awesome old warehouse-turned-venue near downtown Dallas. Joy and excitement abounded and the entire day went on as a total success :D. There were so many heartfelt personal touches incorporated into the decorating, such as a thumb print sign-in board and hand written chalk timeline of their entire relationship. Incredibly Aubrey and Austin did so many of these little details by hand in a very short amount of time (I think their engagement was two months?). This of course is a major testament to this couple's amazingness :D.  

Austin gave each of his groomsmen a ridiculously hilarious t-shirt to represent something about that person or what they mean to him (which apparently they all went out in the night before, imagine that :D). They wanted a photo together and one groomsman forgot his shirt, so Austin improvised and drew on his chest. Hilarious! :)

Thank you two for asking me to photograph such a memorably beautiful day!



jessica + matt | engagements | dallas wedding photographer

Jessica is a graphic designer, and I say this all the time, but graphic designers are my favorite people!! She wanted to incorporate elements of their Cabo wedding into the session and also reflect more of their creativity and artsiness. They used their talents to create these adorable conversational chalkboard signs!! I mean, wow. All session I was telling Matt he should totally sell those on Etsy. Yes or yes?

Thank you again for asking me to photograph your sweet selves. I wish you two the happiest wedding and life together.

God bless!


three previews! | dallas wedding photographer

I have a few sessions to post, so here's a little preview of what will shortly come!


valini + seth | dallas wedding | dallas wedding photographer


Valini and Seth are two of the sweetest people I've had the blessing of working with. Throughout the day, I was able to watch how they made their friends and family feel so appreciated and loved. 

The ceremony had the perfect light, the perfect backdrop, and nice bright colors...sigh. :D There were also many personal touches, my favorite being the steps ceremony---the light at that moment was pure splendidness :D. Oh I also loved the hand painted table numbers on tree cookies (by Valini!) and the beautiful Indian dance! So much life and joy amidst all the festivities.

Thank you both for asking me to photo your beautiful day :)


valini + seth | henna party | dallas wedding photographer


Seth and Valini got married on a beautiful Saturday, but the henna party took place on Thursday night and I was totally able to crash it!!! I've never been to one before, so it was a ton of fun getting to see how it worked and to watch everyone's brilliant designs come to life.

So much fun! I think I just want to have a henna party for the heck of it. Anybody want to come over?? :D