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beth + conner | dallas engagements | watermark church wedding


Sweet sweet Beth and Conner! So many amazing props, props to you guys ;-)

I love those field shots!!


jessica + ryan wedding | mckinney wedding photographer


Here's another amazing wedding preview! We are off to Kerrville for another spectacular wedding. Chris and Christy's wedding photos are going up tonight!!!



tyler senior | victoria photographer


Everyone please meet Tyler!  He is a senior at Victoria East High School in Victoria, Texas.  The adorable girl in some of the pictures is his girlfriend, Alanna.  Her photos are up next!! :D

I have so, so many pics to edit.....it's going to be a looooong day :)


amelia + matt | oregon wedding photographer

Amy and Matt are solid. 

I knew Amy before she met Matt, and it's amazing to see them together..... they are a perfect pair.  I can't imagine a couple that more sweetly compliments one another.  So having the pleasure of photographing such a sweet relationship, you might be able to tell how excited I am! 

The wedding took place in Portland, Oregon at the Oregon Golf Club.  Much of the action took place inside of white TENTS!!!  If you have not already heard my opinion about white tents....here goes.  They are the absolute, hands down, with out a doubt, 100% positively the best for reception photos.  The only thing that is better is an outside, daytime reception---and those aren't too common. 

And to make the wedding even more spectacular...if that's possible....it was surrounded by the beauty and plush GREENERY that comes to mind when people think of Oregon. 

Sigh....so nice. 
I want to move there.  :)

Amy has such a unique and eclectic style and it helped turn the wedding into a marvelous event.  Just to name some of the details:  programs were written on window pains, pistachio nuts mixed with lavender and rosemary, mason jars and tree cookies, wooden roses, chandeliers table tops, and graced with the natural floral fragrance of Queen Anne's Lace......so nice!    

YAYY!!  And after this last photo they were off to their surprise honeymoon!  Amy didn't find out where it was until she looked at the gate destination...how much fun is that!


abby + andrew | puerto rico wedding photographer

Leading up to Abby and Andrew's bright wedding, there was a special feeling of anticipation and excitement in the air. 

Abby and Andrew met at Harvard University through a mutual friend, who also happened to officiate the wedding!  After college, they both went to law school together.  Now, Abby is a civil rights lawyer and Andrew is a law clerk.  They currently reside in Washington D.C.  Not bad, eh?  

Andrew's family is originally from Puerto Rico, and so the destination wedding in San Juan was a perfect fit.  The wedding ceremony was on the grounds of Castillo San Cristobal, a fort built in 1634, while the reception was a mere half mile away in Old San Juan, at the Hotel El Convento.  This building was once actually a convent built in 1651.  So, after the ceremony all guests had to do was take a brisk walk through the colorful streets of San Juan. The awesome part is that Andrew's brother carried a big stereo blasting music, making it a parade of happiness and big white balloons as onlookers stopped to observe.  There was so much energy and joy I couldn't stop smiling, and just thinking about it makes me smile even more :).  This was definitely one of my top 5 favorite moments from any wedding I have attended. 

And, to top it all off, the couple honeymooned in Turkey and Greece (specifically Istanbul, Folegandros, and Santorini).  Now that's a honeymoon :D