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kendra + paul | austin wedding

Here's a little sneak peak--full post coming tomorrow! Yayyy




the bensons | family

Everyone please meet the Benson's.  I've had the pleasure of watching this fantastic couple meet, get married, and have a beautiful little girl.  But she's not so little anymore!  Erin is a dear friend that is also from the great state of Oregon, and moved down here for school.  Three of my closest friends did the exact same thing (they all grew up together)! 

One of my favorite weddings stories is from Erin's wedding.  Her ring bearers were so mischievous!!  While Erin and Will were at the alter, they were looking under her dress, swatting her bottom with their ring pillow, and refusing to look at or listen to their dad who was trying his best to make them stop and leave the stage.... I had tears in my eyes from laughing throughout the entire ceremony! 

Erin and Will met while they were in school, and now they live in the Dallas area.  Erin is a fantastic hair stylist/stay at home mom, so if you want a fabulous new do, contact me and I can hook you up :).  I never knew that my hair could have the option of the non-fuzzball look until she worked her magic :D. 

Brylie made this session such a cinch!  She was all smiles, funny faces, poses, giggles, chattiness, and just ready to have fun.  We even got a couple priceless screams in there.... hehe.

I hope you find MANY you love!  I edited a ton more but didn't have the space to post them....so keep that in mind :D.

Image below: Quite possibly my new favorite family photo.  I would LOVE for my photo style to move towards this direction.  Mucho lens flare, motion, slight blurriness with a watercolor feel and a pinch of beautiful emotion.  I think this image evokes such tenderness and real sincerity that allows the viewer to pause....sigh... :).


lyndsey + kent | engagements

Some people have the amazing ability to simply carry happiness every where they go.  Lyndsey is one of those people.  I feel comfortable saying that, since I was blessed to spend one entire year with her back in grad school at Abilene Christian University.  We were graduate assistants (GA's) for the amazing Dr. Jeffrey Wherry. Lyndsey was a year behind me, so I was a huge slacker GA and getting excited/anxious about meeting the real world, while she was the diligent hard working GA.  I remember grading one stack of papers and thinking, whew, I sure did put in a good days work.  Then I see Lyndsey's stack(S), finished, with detailed genius feedback written all over them on how the students could improve, and still happy.  I'm surprised she still talks to me ;).

Lyndsey and Kent are getting married next weekend!!!!  CONGRATS!!  Talk about right around the corner :D. We've been trying to schedule their engagements three times already, but the rain had something else in mind for us.  Finally, this time we had beautiful weather.  They drove up from Austin, brought their A game, and we had a blast. 

They are sports enthusiast, and excited about their new life together.  Lyndsey is a school psychologist (sweet!) and Kent does these complicated ventilation, connector things for a company that is currently working on Samsung products.  I wish I could get more detailed!  These two have been together for a while, and I adored how easily Kent could still make Lyndsey crack up.  That takes skill keeping it alive ;). 

Alright, photo time :D.  I hope your wedding day is everything you dream of and more.  God bless you both!

Below:  Lindsey re-enacted their first kiss.  Precious right?  My favorite story from the session was about Kent and Lyndsey grew up in the same church.  Lyndsey always remembered Kent staring at her (so sweet), and he stated he told one of his friends he was going to marry that girl someday.  God is so good :) 



courtney + john | engagements

Courtney and John are amazing.  Why you ask?  For starters, the weather was cold, the ground soft, and Courtney walked up and down steep inclines avoiding hidden sticks, rocks, holes, and thorns in four inch heels with no complaints!  I would have been calling for the waaambulance and begging Brad to drag me/carry me/drive the car down and pick me up.  

They had well planned outfits shining with Courtney's beautiful coordination skills :D.  Also, a fascinating detail, all of John's shoes he wore were his grandfathers.  Out of all his brothers and cousins, he was the only one with the same shoe size.  So, John ended up with many amazing pairs of Italian shoes.  To say his grandpa had great taste is an understatement.

They met while attending Oklahoma Christian University.  John now owns his own computer programing company, called Feros and Courtney is finishing school in Child Development and Family Studies. 

It was an 7:45am session, which had a new meaning due to springing forward for the time change :).  A HUGE thank you for the positivity, we got beautiful images thanks to your help and insight :D.  This fabulous couple is getting married in Ft Worth during August.  I cannot wait!  She was telling me details and the entire event sounds so classic.  Her color pallet is sage, champaign and chocolate.  It already feels welcoming. 

Everyone please meet this beautiful couple, John and Courtney:

You like that plug for McDonalds?? haha. We stopped there to change and got some breakfast, totally saved me! 

Hope you love some!!!


most awkward family photo | contest