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LLC + 5 things | personal

First off, EE photography is now officially EE Photography, LLC!!!!!!!

YAYYYYY :D. So cool. If any of you photographers out there want to go corporate, I know this awesome tax guy! Just send me a message :)

On a lighter note, someone sweet person shared this with me and I want to pass it to you! You should share it with others also :) 

5 names you go by:       
1.  Erin     
2.  Woolz
3.  Snickelfritz
4.  Honey bun
5.  EEW (name acronym, yes I know, haha)

Three things you're wearing right now:    
1.  Jeans    
2.  White tube socks   
3.  Grey tee    

Three things you want very badly at the moment:    
1.  For all weddings to be instantly edited, burned, packaged, mailed, albums made :)   
2.  Good to come from the Haiti disaster  
3.  For my honey to make dinner    

Two things you did last night:   
1.  Watched Curb Your Enthusiasm
2.  Made and ate delicious enchiladas

Two things you ate today:   
1.  Tortilla soup    
2.  Sandwhich 

Two people you last talked to on the phone:    
1.  Grandmother   
2.  Mom  

Three things you are going to do:    
1.  Clean the house    
2.  Solve all the worlds problems   
3.  Edit another wedding    

Two Favorite Beverages:    
1.  Ice water + thin slice of cucumber
2.  Sweet sweet iced tea


beth + travis | dallas wedding

Some weddings speak for themselves.  I feel like you may not even know this couple, but looking at the photos you can conclude what type of people they are.  They are funny, gracious, God-loving, kind, creative, and willing to try anything for a good picture :D. 

Thank you for asking me to photograph your wedding, there were so many amazing moments, details, and love to photograph.  You made my job not only easy but a blast! 

Hope you find photos you love :D. God bless!

Below: Travis' mom was nice enough to let me keep this photos! I've never seen a better process of styling hair. 
Below: One of my favorite "first sight" couples. Travis' expressions were priceless.  The church room had a connecting nursery with a one way glass, so the couple was alone...but there happened to be about 20 people watching :D.  It was pretty amazing :)
Hope you two had a blast on your honeymoon!!!

melissa + adam | engagements

I have known Melissa since freshman year at ACU. We had quite a difficult elementary education math class....I know, you would think that would be easy right? We had to learn how to subtract, multiply, divide and add in a base 4 number system (our system is base 10). It was to help illustrate how frustrating it is to learn basic math for the first time.  Naturally, I switched majors. 

Melissa is now a Kindergarten teacher and Adam just finished his teaching certificate and will be an art teacher! Such a happy couple :). Adam is a painter too! I hope he opens a store on esty that way we all have a chance to view and purchase his amazingness! They have been dating for 6 years and are tying the knot in six months! 

We met this morning, and even though the sun was hiding, it didn't stop us. We found so many fabulous locations, great textures, and some stray dogs :/ 

I hope you two find some photos you LOVE! May you both have a blessed holiday and new life together :)


guatemala, parte deux | destination wedding

Since there are SO MANY photos, I'm going to separate the eye candy that is about to be displayed. First, I'm going to post all the BEAUTIFULness, such as gardens, the lake, hotel, and then the little town next to the hotel. Next post, I will have their wedding day story.

And don't forget, you have another few hours to get in your entries for the Photo Contest!! To see what in the heck I'm talking about, check two entries below this one. :)

Now, brace yourself for the amazingness. Keep in mind the temperature is perpetually like spring, all through the year.  It's about 70-80 during the day, and about upper 50's at night. Great for hiking, zip lining, butterfly farms...wait. I'm getting ahead of myself :)

This is Hotel Atitlan. If it feels like a plug for this hotel, well, it just might be.  I would LOVE to go there again, and I'm just dying to convince you that it truly is a slice of heaven. 

Above middle: That is where the ceremony took place!

Above: Right before the sun peaked over and just before we had our breakfast Saturday morning :). The perfect day for a wedding.

Above: Infinity jacuzzi which would steam in the early mornings :)  

Below: We took these little scooters into town for only $1.00. 


More photos from Chris & Heather's wedding either tonight or tomorrow!  Most likely tomorrow though.


Furthermore: Sweet T Family and I will post a poll for you to vote on your winning idea for the FREE PHOTO CONTEST! 


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