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bow ties and ruffled featured | etsy | blog featured

Oh such happy news!
First off, a while back we did a spectacular Thanksgiving fun shoot with the ladies over at Events by Shelbi Rene and Three by the Quill Pen, and today their amazing little DIY S'More Wedding Favors is being featured!!! 
And second, I've recently taken up sewing a couple bow ties on my day off :D. At first it was to avoid paying $65 for a bow tie for our Umbrella fun shoot back in February. Then I realized they look pretty good! We opened a modest Etsy store called, Nerds of a Feather, and wa-la! Adorable cotton bow ties for sale. 

With that said, there are some new ones in the little store! Thanks to Brad for being my model :)


we've moved! | personal

So after a week and a half of being completely out of touch (no internet, no home), working our booties off by packing and unpacking, we are settled and comfy :). 

Last Wednesday was D-day for moving. First off, it was 36 degrees and snowing...in Abilene and Ft Worth! Thank goodness for covered trailers!

A week later, here are the photos from the process :D. 

I took the finished product photos a little late in the day, so I'll take some more tomorrow morning whenever the room is brighter :D. Isn't it just so happy?? We can't paint, so I'm doing the best I can :). Above were the before and after of the living room. And heck yes, did you spy my vintage birdcage?? 

Oh, and if anyone has ideas for working with a TV space that is too small for your TV, please let me know! I thought about hanging fabric, or a large mirror (but then it would reflect the back of the TV :/). So....fake plants?? Ohhh bother. HELP! Shannon?? ;)

And above is my OFFICE!!!! YAYYYYYYYY

That feels just great to say, much less fully enjoy. I'm still not sold on the floor layout, maybe going to move the desk to the center in front of the window... oh the options :D

So much fun to do arts and crafts stuff!! I have an entire closet dedicated to all that entails :-)

An enormous thanks to my parents for coming up and moving us. THANK YOU!! We love you so much :).

Hope you like what the finished product looks like! 


just something i made | inspiration


I'm on a roll this morning! I couldn't sleep and started to brouse... First, why I can't sleep. My loving and sweet puppy is a COMPLETE bed hog! His once small presence of 12 pounds has now grown to a more substantial 27 pounds. And whenever he stretches out, Brad won't be moved but I am! Soon, I find myself on the edge, no covers and my pillow is now being utilized by Winston. That's right, his head is in the center of my pillow, the covers are wrapped around him, and I'm left without anything. It's really hilarious to witness....and on the bright side of my lack of zzz's I found a new favorite inspiration-arts-and-crafts blog. 

Everyone, meet: Just Something I made. 

I found her blog through another one of my favorites, Hip Hostess, but back to Cathy's Just Something I Made

Judging by my last post, you can see I'm on a mission to do Christmas creatively and cost efficiently. So whenever I saw this awesome homemade peanut stamp...who can resist?!

Here are some of her pics:

Another bit of amazingness.....

I had the brainstorm idea of creating some ceramic plates with Brad's, Winston's, and my own silhouette for our wall decor. Hilarious right?? Well, whenever I saw her simple plate DIY I freaked. Here's how to make it happen. 

You have to purchase a special pen ($6.00), a plate (I want to get vintage floral patterned one!) and then your own oven! The final step is you let it dry for a day, and then bake it in your oven. Seems too good to be true, right? I cannot wait to experiment....More photos of that to come. You can count on it :D