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Meet Mr. & Mrs Bishop

Whenever Jenna contacted me to do her wedding I was thrilled. First off, everyone should know she is amazing. She has the most tender disposition, she's naturally gorgeous, and she is a whirlwind of creativity. Over the course of planning this magnificent affair, the attendance grew to a little less than 1000. This was so exciting because that would mean to adequately cover the event I would need help. So I called three awesome photographers and they reserved the date as well. The reason why I say that is my photos are only a quarter of the fun. Make sure you check out their pics (The Zellners, Caroline, and Shannon) for a comprehensive view of this glorious event.

I met Jenna when we lived together in our Freshman dorm, Garner Hall, 2nd floor, West end.. meaning we were also in the same Freshman Follies group. And let me tell you this performance was fantastic-- we had a dancing number that included some stomp/kicking moves, the theme was Mulan and we had spray painted our hair black (what were we thinking??), we also sang our own lyrics 'a cappella' to the tune of "It's Getting Hot in Here." Long story short, the night of the performance I freaked out. I just couldn't imagine my shy self dancing in the front row. Jenna was behind me and graciously took my spot! From that night on; she was my hero.

Okay--- Too much talk, here are some photos! I alone took 2000 pics!

are these not splendid? definitely worthy of multiple pics :D

Above: While all the girls are having fun, dad is practicing.

Above: Beautiful :). We all had tears in our eyes. I love the effort they mustered to maintain smiles. I heard a reoccurring expression whenever tears would appear; smiles would form and someone would say "suck it up" meaning, this is a day of happiness and no place for tears. :)

Aren't those bridesmaids and their gowns amazing!? Jenna had the dresses and the fur stoles made by Ruffles and Ribbons and accessorized them with these amazing vintage pins. If you check out Jenna Trapasso's blog she explains them better. She too is a creative photographer and took amazing pics while she wasn't fulfilling her bridesmaid's duties :D. Make sure to check them out!

Above: 5 Lucado's (counting Molly :D) and 1 new Bishop!

The ceremony was at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church in downtown San Antonio. It was a beautiful church; however they only allowed photographers to take photos from the back of the church or the balcony. I just wanted to explain why all my shots are from the same angle :D.

I thought this was pretty cool--Natalie Grant (surprised most of us) and sang "Held" as Jenna walked down the aisle. So beautiful.

They did it!

Above: One of my new favorites!

Off to the reception site! The reception was at the Don Strange Ranch in Boerne, TX. It’s impossible to completely capture the wonderful ambiance, genuine excitement, delicious cuisine, and pervasive love felt at this event in photographs; but here are some details taken at the beautiful reception site and then some fun dance shots.

The father-daughter dance was danced to the happy "Brown Eyed Girl". Soon after this picture, they broke out into a lighthearted choreographed dance! I didn't even need my flash for all the crowds' flashes going off simultaneously!

Cake! Yum :D

I hope you two have a blessed and relaxing honeymoon! Thank you for letting us capture this most joyous occasion. To see the entire family so genuinely thrilled about a marriage is a real treat, and to share their joy so generously with so many others is a true gift.

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