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chelsea | dallas bridals | dallas wedding photographer


Beautiful bride!!


sarah + brad | engagements

Whenever Sarah contacted me about possibly doing a photo shoot at the airport..... I knew I could not resist.  Incredibly, the offer even included using the airplane graveyard!!!  YAYYYYY. 

Sarah and Brad met through mutual friends early on in college.  Sarah is about to graduate from Abilene Christian University with a degree in Nutrition, and then plans to attend nursing school and become an RN!  Brad will be graduating in December with a degree in business :).  

Are you wondering why the planes are so significant?  Well, Brad has been flying since he was 16, got his license at 17 and hasn't stopped since.  He used to be a flight instructor in Abilene and is now commissioned to fly people across the country in the plane you will see below.  So cool right?  The white and beige plane is for flying customers, the red plane is "his office":D. 

They are getting married in Georgetown, Texas, this summer and then will reside in Abilene :).  I love Abilene! Oh how I miss it. 

It was so nice getting to meet you both, thanks for fighting the 40mph gusts of wind.  Despite that, the session was pure perfection :). 


I hope you find some you love! 



kendra + paul | engagements

Kendra and Paul met me in Colorado City for their engagement session...pretty much the best place EVER to take photos.  So if anyone wants to explore small towns for their session, I'm totally down for it! 

Kendra is a speech pathologist helping a variety of clientele and Paul is a lawyer for businesses and corporations.  Kendra went to school at Texas Tech University and Paul went to Texas A&M University.  I hope I didn't drive you two crazy with all my questions :).  They just recently moved back to Odessa from the Houston area and that is where they currently reside.  Hence why Colorado City was a mid-way point :).  I cannot wait for their big day!  It's going to be in Georgetown, Texas, at a whimsical venue called Kindred Oaks

Paul grew up visiting a friend's ranch in Colorado City, so after we took photos all around the town (including the prison grounds...oops), we headed out to the ranch.  It was so beautiful!  There was a green field, in February!  It started to lightly sprinkle, which even though I've never been to Ireland, it made me think that's what it would be like :). 

Thank you both for being so willing to swing, try a multitude of locations, and smile...a ton :).  You both are so kind and I cannot wait for your big day. 

I hope you find some you love!! 


taylor + daniel | arlington wedding

Taylor and Daniel are such naturals.  Naturals in the sense of wanting things to be real, true, and genuine.  I love Taylor's sense of self.  She knows well what she wants and doesn't want.  She was completely willing to go against the wedding norm to make the most of the special day.   

My favorite part of the evening was watching Daniel's unabashed adoration for Taylor throughout the ceremony.  These two are quite the jokesters and to see Daniel so completely captivated brought tears to my eyes.  

I hope you two had a fabulous honeymoon and many blessings to your new life together!

Their ceremony was held at North Davis Church of Christ and the reception was at a restaurant called Cacharel.  Please make sure to also check out her flowers, aren't they so beautiful?  If you're looking for a very talented florist in the DFW area, check out Blooms Forever Events.

Below: So beautiful Taylor!

Above: This last picture was directly after the ceremony :)

This restaurant has the best view! Six Flags :D, how fun is that?

Below: This funness happened at their photo booth.

Below:  NEW FAVORITES!!!  For sure made it in the 2010 best hits :D


Hope you find some photos you LOVE! 



top 60 photos from 2009 | CONTEST!!

This past week in the Caribbean was fantastic!! Just delightfully relaxing.  I slept 10 hours each night!!!  And, got a touch of sun.  More photos from that later.  I dedicated my first day back to answering all 150 emails, check and check :).  Tomorrow, two weddings to edit and I will hopefully have enough time to post them :). 

Throughout today, I looked through all my pics from 2009 and picked my favorites. The list actually ended up being upwards of 300 photos.  So, after a few rounds of slimming and picky picky picking, the list is down to 60 photos.  We are now ready for our next contest!


Below are the photos, numbered in no particular order.   


Here's what to do:  Pick the photo you like the best, and leave a comment at the end of this post with the corresponding number to your favorite photo.  I will count the total at the end of the contest to decide the winner.  The contest will end in 10 days.

The winner (the subjects in the photo with the most votes) will recieve a FREE 16x20 inch, big beautiful stretch canvas of their choice!

So, forward this link to friends, family, and coworkers to get as many votes as possible :).  After 10 days, I will notify the announce the winner on my blog and notify them via email.

It was a very difficult process to narrow down so many photos.  Looking through all of them reminded me of so many happy moments and memories from this past year.  I owe a huge thank you to the people who have trusted me to capture these moments. 


1. (photo below)

2. (photo below)

3. (photo below)

4. (photo below)


5. (photo below)

6. (photo below)

7. (photo below)

8. (photo below)

9. (photo below)

10. (photo below)

11. (photo below)

12. (photo below)

13. (photo below)

14. (photo below)

15. (photo below)

16. (photo below)

17. (photo below)

18. (photo below)

19. (photo below)

20. (photo below)

21. (photo below)

22.  (photo below)

23.  (photo below)

24.  (photo below)

25.  (photo below)

26.  (photo below)

27.  (photo below)

28.  (photo below)

29.  (photo below)

30.  (photo below)

31.  (photo below)

32.  (photo below)

33. (photo below)

34. (photo below)

35. (photo below)

36. (photo below)

37.  (photo below)

38.  (photo below)

39. (photo below)

40. (photo below)

41.  (photo below)

42.  (photo below)

43.  (photo below)

44.  (photo below)

45.  (photo below)

46.  (photo below)

47.  (photo below)

48.  (photo below)

49.  (photo below)

50.  (photo below)

51. (photo below)

52.  (photo below)

53.  (photo below)

54.  (photo below)

55.  (photo below)

56.  (photo below)

57.  (photo below)

58.  (photo below)

59.  (photo below)

60.  (photo below)

Once again, how to vote for your favorite photo:

1. Below this post, click on "Post a Comment". 

2. Leave which photo number you would like to select and an email and name to verify you are an actual person. (Don't worry, your email does not show up and I will not be using it for anything!)

3. Rock the vote: Share this post with friends and family to increase chances of a landslide victory!  ;)

4. Winner will be selected in 10 days!! The photo that gets selected will win a FREE 16x20 inch gallery wrapped canvas. Yippie!!!!  The photo is of the winner's choosing of course :)