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brittany, ray, audrey family | dallas family photographer

One of my favorite places to take photos is at White Rock Lake in Dallas.  There is such a variety of places that have beautiful lighting, and when the weather cooperates it makes for perfect conditions.  Well, that is exactly what happened for this amazing family.  Perfect weather + great family = awesome photos! 

Ray and Brittany met through her best friend.  She was coworkers with Ray and introduced them (quite the matchmaker :D).  The real interesting part is that Brittany introduced this same friend to her now husband back in college!  So awesome right?!  This happy family lives in the Dallas area, and Ray is a CPA and works in finance/accounting, while Brittany stays home with sweet Audrey. 

Audrey is 19 months and I have to say I just love that age! 

Thank you so much for all your hard work and great prop ideas :D.  I hope you like the pics! 

P.S. Audrey happens to love anything shaped in a sphere and that can bounce, so what better than 25 brightly colored balls?!  Amazing :D 


wallace family | keller family photographer

Sweet family! 

Please meet the adorable, and let me emphasize adorable, Wallace family :D. 
We met at their home and drove all around downtown Keller and ended the session at a park.  The weather was perfect, outfits perfect and everything came together just like a perfect family session should.  Amanda, you did such a great job putting everything together! 

Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your family (Debbie :D), I hope you all find many photos you cherish!



brewton family | ft worth family photographer

Oh sweetness!  Let me introduce you to one kind family: The Brewtons.  And I use the word kind because of a specific funny story of how terrible I am at remembering names.  Throughout the session I must have called Jason, "James" at least 10 times, to the point that it surely became insulting that I couldn't remember!  Then I said, (here's the real clincher), I keep trying to remember his name by telling myself, "Jason- just like one of the apostles", but when it came down to recalling his name again, I would get confused with James. 

It took me the ENTIRE session to realize what I said and that there is no apostle named Jason!  Ahhh! Sometimes my mouth doesn't match up with my brain...any other creative types have trouble with this???? hahaha.  And they were so sweet as to not say a thing.  Whenever I mentioned it, they said they were thinking perhaps I studied a different Testament :D.  hahah

Oh man. That was a bad one. :/

Alright, back to the photos :D.  Prepare yourself for a beautiful, kind, and fun family :)


holly + collin | dallas family photographer

Holly asked me to photograph her sweet family since there is a new addition from the last time we had a session, the most adorable baby boy ever!  And the best part of it all----they are expecting, and announced it to their family on the shoot!! 

Holly and Collin currently live in the Denver area, and were down in Texas for a conference and the leadership summit hosted by Abilene Christian University.  Collin is the pastor of a church and Holly is a full time mom of one (but very soon mom of two!!) :D

So below, you will see the happy family, and in the second collage you'll see when they tell everyone the great news.  Holly ordered an adorable t-shirt that says "big brother".  When Holly and Collin put the shirt on Maddox----everyone's expressions were priceless.  Priceless! 

Below: And the surprise :)


kara + aaron | ft worth engagements

Oh yayy!

I feel like I photographed these so long ago--I'm just happy to get a chance to share this beautiful couple with you :D. 

Please meet Kara and Aaron.  Aren't they the cutest?  They are just as kind as they are beautiful, and extremely helpful too!  Kara and Aaron met when they worked at the same company.  Before she even met him, she referred to him playfully to her friends as "my boyfriend".  Isn't that awesome? 

She spotted the cutest downtown area for their session...and let me say, it was a huge hit.  So much of a hit, that we have been back TWICE to eat at all their cute little restaurants.  Which, if you haven't checked out Babe's -- you're missing out.  I can still taste that yummy chicken fried steak!