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little ones | family personal

Brad and I just got back from photographing a fabulous wedding and visiting my aunt and uncle in New Jersey. And I have to say, I so miss them already! I mean, how can you not miss these two little ones :D.

More photos to come soon from these two, plus Cayla and Ben's beautiful day will be up in no time!


ryan newborn | dallas family photographer

Oh sweet baby Ryan!  He was so well behaved and content.  His one request was, "please hold me".  At any time if he got upset, the formula was to pick him up, and wah-la, a happy baby once again :).  We got some great pre and post photos from before he was picked up and then after while Mike was holding him.  So precious!!

Carley had some adorable outfits and props for him too!  My personal favorite was the little red and white hat, and the best prop was definitely an old briefcase!  Thank goodness no accidents inside of that :D

Such an adorable nursery! 



brooks | family

Here's the second half to the previous session!  Joshua is born! YAYY.  Just reading that, it sounds a bit prophetic, haha.  But seriously, the proud parents Marci and Scott now have a beautiful baby boy with a full head of dark brown hair. So adorable :).

Here is the link to their maternity session and Kate's two year-old session.  Just a warning, more precious eye-candy. 

Marci did such a great job decorating Joshua's room! All of the decor is from Scott's sport days and even from his family's sports days. 

He's so adorable, right??! 



mr. reid | family 

I've known Sara since my freshman year at ACU. Ohhh where has the time gone? Don't get me wrong, I think many wonderful things have happened since then, it's just that time flies! 

Speaking of great things happening, Sara and Levi had their first baby! A while back I did their maternity shoot, so world, please meet the beautiful, big eyed, Reid. 

As I edited these, I didn't realize how pure black and whites are... that's why I think I found myself doing more in B & W. It feels less distracting, just beautiful, pure, and sweet. 


Below right: I LOVE this one of Sara :)

Happy Thanksgiving to EVERYONE!!

We are moving this next week to Ft Worth!! AMEN :D :D

That's why I'm officially caught up on all blogging, and weddings.... amen. Albums, I'm getting there :) 
Last post from Abilene! tear. I will miss it.  


max + leo | family

I usually don't post many personal things, not because I'm a private person, but more because I am working, working, working. Well....This past week that was not the case! I got to see my cousins in New Jersey (even though I call them my nephews!) and then spend a weekend with my good friends in New Mexico! Yes or yes. 

While my mom and I were visiting, we did a twin's photo shoot for their Christmas cards this season. Ohhhh delightful! 

The boys have grown so much! I just can't believe it... :). On November 4th, they turned 1! Currently, they weight 27 lbs each, they are wearing 24 month old clothes, and wear a shoe size 6. Crazy right?? I didn't want to leave, I feel like I'm missing everything. While I was there I got to witness Leo saying, "up" and it meaning the correct thing! And Max getting books, crawling to the corner, then proceeding to babble to himself while he turns the pages. Just beautiful. :)

Of course I already think they are the most beautiful babies ever, but watching their personalities develop,  I'm just going to burst with joy! 

Below: Max is on the right, Leo is on the left. 

Above: Leo getting ready for his photo shoot :)

Below right: Max and Leo got some adorable hats from some friends and we were determined to get photos of them! Max didn't mind so much...but only if you could see what we were doing behind the camera to get them to smile!! Quite hilarious...thank goodness all the neighbors are so understanding :D

Above left: My mom holding Leo and my aunt holding Max :). 

Above right: Paulette is (Nanny extraordinaire!! I do NOT know how she handles these bundles of energy all by herself...wow. So impressive) laughing because the pants we planned Leo to wear were terrible high waters.

Below: And the finished product!! The first two are for the Christmas cards, the bottom two are more just for fun....also the last two you must excuse the poor quality of the photos! My camera was cranked to 6400 ISO! YIKES haha, it was like 30 minutes past sunset.... :)