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amy + greg engagements | ft worth engagements

Amy and Greg are getting married in three weeks and it's going to be A-mazing.

They will be wed at at Ashton Gardens up in Corinth, and I'm so excited to see the venue and all the beauty! Not to mention photographing these two getting happily married. Yes or yes.

Amy is a veterinary pharmaceutical representative and Greg is an engineer over at Motorola and bass player in a band. Quite the talented duo :D. I had the best time chatting with these two and learning all about their jobs and hobbies. Man, I wish I had some musical skills! 


kelley + ira engagements | ft worth wedding photographer

Kelley and Ira are a complete joy. I'm sad we don't see each other on a regular basis, because the love of energy and fun these two have, just has to rub off on everyone around them...and who can't afford to be happier? :)

I'm doing their wedding the last week of April and it's going to be spectacular! She mentioned vintage, antique, fun, and happy themes, and I've been flying ever since. Just check out the photos, they speak for themselves!! :D



emmy + garrett engagements | waco wedding photographer

Emmy and Garrett are two peas in a pod. If they were at a party, I would head straight towards them and just know I would have a great time. They are so full of joy that if you're in close proximity to them, it will rub off of on you. How can one not resist? 

Garrett is a youth pastor with a para-church discipleship based ministry called K-Life. Emmy Jo is a 4th grade English and writing teacher in Hillsboro. They met while at Baylor University at a sorority function, even though they weren't each other's date :D. hehe They have a great wedding website, so if you want to hear more of their story, head on over and check it out.

I'm so excited to share these, we had outstanding light, wind, sun, temperature, and the perfect couple :D. Thanks again for asking me to take these! Ohhh I hope you find some you love :)

Above: I just LOVE that one!!!

Above: And these have a unique story. We kept joking about Taco Bell burritos and how someone certain has a love for them, well, we ended up getting some :D. YUMM!! As you can tell, these two can even make eating a burrito look good :D.



emmelie + russ wedding | ft worth wedding

Emmelie and Russ painted a masterpiece for all that were able to see the wedding day.  From a gorgeous ceremony with fantastic architecture, spectacular florals, perfect accessories, great colors, and lively jazz to keep the reception full of life and love.  Emmelie and Russ are such a sweet couple, their friendly personalities and endearing nature were evident to all. 

The ceremony was located at the Marty Leonard Chapel and the reception was at the McDavid Studio right near Bass Hall in downtown Fort Worth.  I was so excited to see where the ceremony was at!  I photographed another ceremony in a sister chapel with the same architecture in Arkansas, so I knew this had to be good.  So beautiful! 

To see more from this awesome couple, check out their engagements and bridals


amanda + pierce engagements | ft worth photographer

Amanda and Pierce were so sweet to work with!  They were so thoughtful and had so many creative ideas.  A photographers dream :)

They are both studying at Abilene Christian University.  Pierce is studying business management and will eventually go work in their family business called Central Texas Tool Company.  They are quite a mechanically inclined family (you'll soon see, he bought a car and he and his dad fully restored it!).  Amanda is majoring in early childhood education.  She would love to teach elementary art.

Amanda and Pierce met back in a school party in 2002 when they were just entering the 6th grade.  As Amanda puts it, "It was a party we will always remember."  She had just moved to Texas two months before and it was her first experience to make new friends.  Since she was the new girl, Pierce and his friends decided to pull a prank on her by throwing a dead fish someone had caught.  So when she came up to introduce herself to the group of guys, Pierce quickly tossed the dead, decaying fish in her hair :) haha!  Fortunately, by their junior year of high school it was all just water under the bridge and the began to date seriously.

This was Pierce's first car back when he turned 16.  He and his dad fully restored it, and not just the motor. They also did the upholstery, paint, interior...everything.  So amazing right? 

I'm so excited to share these with you!