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we are featured! | ruffled | eco-friendly handmade wedding

YAYY! Diana and Ramesh's BEAUTIFUL Austin wedding is featured on Ruffled today :D.

The ladies over at Ruffled are so fantastic, be sure to check it out and look around, and be completely inspired. Yes or yes.

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amy + matt | portland wedding photographer

A little preview!!


emily + matt | wedding

Emily and Matt got married this past Saturday in a town just outside of Denton, called Pilot Point. They were married in Emily's home town church (which had the most amazing lobby lighting EVER!!  This was a blessing since it was blistering outdoors). We started with them getting ready in the church, then had their first sight, next the wedding ceremony and then the reception out at Emily's home. In a big huge wonderful white tent. In case you haven't heard my opinion before on tents, they are my absolute FAVORITE!!! Big, white, great light, reflections, and they create such sweet ambiance. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, there were chandelier's in the trees lending an ambiance of beauty and a trampoline suggesting childlike nostalgia :D. Sigh. 

The setting was so sweet and most importantly this couple loves each other immensely. You could just see how they both light up whenever they look at each other. I really think so many of the photos show that. However, my favorites were the dance photos--so much fun, reckless abandon, who cares who's watching, I'm going to have a blast :D. 

Thank you to all the family and friends that helped us get these images! I really adore you.  :D Best wishes on your beautiful new life together. 

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