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tichenor family | houston newborn photographer

It's not everyday a photographer has the honor of being flown into town to take photos for just one spectacular family.  A family with big hearts, smiles and style, I might add.  The mom, Meredith, collected so many great ideas and props it truly was a rich environment for any photographer.

Also, meet the wonderful new baby Slade.  He is only 10 days old in these photos!  Slade was the perfect little boy and slept through 99% of the session!  I hope my babies do that one day :D

If you want to see more photos of this beautiful family, be sure to check out Meredith's blog.  It is updated daily with funny stories, beautiful images, and great finds, and even some giveaway prizes!  I just adore her so much, and while you're at it, make sure to check out their session from November.  You will quickly realize the consistent likability of this awesome family :)


Above:  Check out that smile!!!!! :D


aston martin :) | family 

Two Sunday's ago, my family and I went to the Houston Car show sponsored by Classy Chassis.  The event raised money for the Shriners Hospital for Children.  Perhaps the most awesome thing about the show was that the owners of super fast cars would have professional drivers or themselves race you through a marked speed course, cones and all.  And I must say, it was spectacular!  I got to ride in the Aston Martin Vanquish (SWEET!) and the other members of my family rode in the following: a Porsche, Dodge Viper, and a Ferrari. I don't mean to brag, but I think I got the best car :D.  Although, the Lotus would have been equally awesome to ride in.  Here is a quick little video to get some idea of what the course looked like (and the car I got to ride in, the grey one!)...although keep in mind it was much more exciting in the car than watching it from outside :D.  My stomach did about 100 flips and actually screamed a few times, which says a lot since I used to drive like a complete idiot for many of my younger years (sorry Trevor!). 

We all got together for my step-dad Bill's birthday.  A HUGE happy birthday by the way!!!!  I hope you had as much fun as we did :D. 

Bottom left:  Brad rode in the Viper and on the right I got to ride in the most beautiful car ever.  It felt just like James Bond....or I guess I should say "Jane" Bond??  Haha okay, bad joke.  


belinda + matt | engagement

I met Belinda and Matt yesterday for their splendid engagement session. We took photos in Abilene, drove around, and all the while I got to cuddle, pet and love on their adorable four-month old dachshund (weiner dog)! Belinda is about to start student teaching, she wants to be a middle school math teacher. Matt is studying to be a high school counselor! Awesome right? They actually have known each other since high school! 

So everyone, may I happily introduce Belinda, Matt and Bella :). 

Above: Check out those cute skin rolls on her legs! So adorable :) 

Beautiful eyes!!

Below: And my favorite pic from their session!! Way to go Ann Thai Restaurant :) 

Thank you both so much for asking me to take your engagements! I wish you both the best with school, moving, student teaching, and starting your new life together :D

And I can't wait for your bridals Belinda!! :)