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deirdre | houston wedding | bridals

Beautiful Deirdre!

Shouldn't she be a model for gowns? Deirdre is equally beautiful on the inside too :D. Their wedding was such a blast, I can't wait to post them soon!!


megan + ryan | galveston engagements | austin wedding photographer

Oh, it makes me so happy to get to post these!!!!

Two weeks ago, I got to spend the entire afternoon with Megan and Ryan, looking around Galvestion, scouting for great sites, and ultimatley having entirely too much fun taking photos :D. Is this really my job? :D. And thank you Jesus for the perfect weather!!

Megan and Ryan were so prepared, they had a list of spectacular ideas complete with props and even had great locations already in mind. I can only imagine how sweet their big day is going to be :).

Enough chat, please meet Megan and Ryan:


steph + nick | engagements | houston wedding photographer

Please meet Steph and Nick :D, they flew in from Houston for their sweet engagement session and I'm so excited to share them! Steph had some cute ideas to incorporate into the session, my personal favorite being the cups and string phone. Steph studied finance and later got her MBA at the University of Texas at Dallas. Right now she is juggling studying for her CPA and planning her wedding :D. Nick went to University of North Texas and studied marketing.

Currently these sweet two are living in Houston, working in finance/accounting and telemarketing sales.

I am so sorry I could not get these up here sooner, it was such a pleasure meeting you both! I pray that your wedding day is relaxing, joyful and a beautiful start to a new life together :D.


janet + grant | engagements | houston wedding photographer

Janet and Grant have it together :D. They have been dating for seven years! Through undergrad at Rice and then through Medical School, Grant was up in Lubbock and Janet in San Antonio. But now they are off to residency and will finally be together for good! YAY.

Janet will be going into psychiatry and Grant anesthesiology. Grant will be incorporating his electrical engineering knowledge to the anesthesiology field and hopefully further develop wonderful new technologies. Amazing right?! Oh it was all so interesting I could just talk to them forever.

They flew me down for their session at Rice University in Houston, were we drove all around, smiled tons and then raced back to the airport. What a whirlwind day!

Blessings on your beautiful day and future life together :).