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dee + jacob | engagements | carnival - fair engagement session

YIPPIE! Whenever Dee asked to have a carnival/fair inspired engagement session how could I possibly say no to that? We started at the fair, got to eat an amazing funnel cake, and then incorporated cotton candy into the mix! Winning! Once again, we miraculously had a beautiful warm January day filled with sun and happiness, AMEN. And, since we met at the Ft Worth Stockyard Show on a weekday, it was hardly crowded at all! Whew. :)

I had so much fun getting to know you guys, thank you for asking me to photo such a beautiful day. I wish you both many many happy years together!


reed | family 

Oh sweet little Reed. He’s growing up so fast! I just LOVE how you can see how fast he’s grown. To see more photos of this little boy, check out maternity, newborn, 4 months, and now 8 months!

Also, his older sister Rylie is totally warming up to me. She gives me the largest smiles now!





bonni + marc engagements | keller wedding photographer

Bonni and Marc were our contest winners from the EverEE Wednesday contest!!!  And boy were they a complete delight to work with. 

We met in Keller for their session and went from there.  Such a cute area! 

I asked Bonni to share some of their story, and here's a little tidbit from their website, "Marc and Bonni met in high school (cue "awww" sounds).  We first met at Fellowship of the Parks church, then discovered that we went to school together, and soon started working together at Kumon learning center.  We were in denial about being crazy for each other for a while, but that didn't last too terribly long.  Marc started confessing his love for Bonni in the Summer of 2005, where she strung him along for quite some time with the typical "I'm not dating anyone else in high school" nonsense.  Marc tricked Bonni into their first "date" in early August 2005.  They started kissing shortly after that, and then in October 2005 they started "officially" dating.  Four and a half  years later, they got engaged, and the world said, "Finally!"


roberts family | keller family photographer

Oh I'm so excited to share these!  Everyone please meet the Roberts family.  The last time I got to photo them, little Fin was about 4 months old!  Claire did such a great job brainstorming ideas, she called all around Ft. Worth and found the best little roof top to start the session and then we worked our way down to a park where signs of the fall season were definitely all around.  Check out her awesome umbrella idea too!  


reed | family

I am so excited to share these!

Reed is just about the cutest little boy I've ever seen, and to make things better Brianna came up with some amazing photo ideas.  Check out this scale for instance!!  Also, this house is in a very cute Cape Cod styled subdivision--and the interior matches the outside.  It just feels so breezy, bright and happy.  I hope these photos reflect that!  I can't wait for his 4 month session...I bet he will already be so much bigger!