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reed, family | ft worth photographer

Remember the adorable Salyer family?  Well, here is a little photo candy to remind you :D

Their summer maternity session was back when little Reed had yet to be born.  Throughout the session everyone played in sprinklers, ate watermelon, and enjoyed the sunshine. 

Next up for their family was Reed's newborn session, here is one of my favorites from it :D.  Of course, their cute family changed from three to four. 

And now I'm once again completely blessed to share this sweet family again!  Brianna does such an excellent job with staying consistent in theme and color scheme! 

Now without further delay, please meet four month old Reed. 


barrett and brody | family | eephiphany workshop

Madison just left after 8+ spectacular, jam-crammed hours of extensive photography teaching :D.  Around here, we call it an "EEphiphany Workshop" :D.  A few of the areas we tackled included editing, posing, location scouting, branding-branding-branding, blogging, and networking.   We had such a blast!  I think I have a new friend :D

Madison drove in from Muleshoe, which is just outside of Lubbock, Texas.  She asked if we could try out doing some child photography, which meant I needed some little kid models pronto :D.  Fortunately, my dear friend Ann suggested her two adorable nephews!!!  And you will soon see how adorable, adorable can be :). 

Brody and Barrett are quite the cowboys.  While we were taking photos, they shot bad guys and cars that drove by, scouted around using a treasure map, played tag, lassoed some steer, rode their horse with fierce determination not seen since the Wild West, and were the best Superman and firefighter I've seen all year :D. Oh, and Barrett happens to have the cutest little "Mr. Bear". 

Enjoy, please enjoy! 

Below: You wouldn't want to go to the dentist with this growing out of your teeth. Or would you :)

And here are a few pics from Madison's little mini session for her "about me" section on her new blog/website!


angle me right | photography workshop


On October 27th, the Angle Me Right workshop was made a reality!! Hosted by EE Photography (me) and friends at the magnificent Hotel Zaza in downtown Dallas. There we talked, discussed, explained, and finally put into practice the hobby, occupation and art of photography. We explored a variety of subjects ranging from lighting, to workflow, packaging, and branding...if they asked about it, we talked about it :). And "they" consists of our magnificent attendants, four models, and one smashing hair stylist. More about them in a second. First some photos! 

Check out these amazing visual delights :)

We had four amazing models, and we split into groups to divide and conquer! I shot with Shelbi and we focused on harsh natural light with a flush white wedding gown while working on getting some sun flare and soft yumminess. It was the perfect weather for a shoot! Thank you Jesus :)

On a lighter/funny note, during our first rotation, I had the skilled knowledge of directing our group to a plot of grass packed with doggie poo... I don't know how it's possible for 7 people to get poop on their shoes, but believe us, it can and did happen! 

Shelbi, you are stunning my dear.

And all of us!!

Below is everyone at the workshop--PLUS links to their sites.  Make sure to check out their stuff, they also have pics from the workshop. So talented! 

Back row, from left to right: Tressie Zellner, Stephanie, Leriam Gonzalas, October Smith, Danielle Lough, Ira, Lauren Newman, Ashley Wilkins, Micah Schmidt, Chad Zellner, and Erin Woolsey (me). 

Front row: Rachel Russo, Jessica Price, Paige Ogilvie, Shelbi, Kristina and Maloree. (and Chris taking the photo!!)

A huge thanks for our models, Stephanie, Ira, Khristina, Shelbi, Malloree and Chris! :D