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tichenor family | houston newborn photographer

It's not everyday a photographer has the honor of being flown into town to take photos for just one spectacular family.  A family with big hearts, smiles and style, I might add.  The mom, Meredith, collected so many great ideas and props it truly was a rich environment for any photographer.

Also, meet the wonderful new baby Slade.  He is only 10 days old in these photos!  Slade was the perfect little boy and slept through 99% of the session!  I hope my babies do that one day :D

If you want to see more photos of this beautiful family, be sure to check out Meredith's blog.  It is updated daily with funny stories, beautiful images, and great finds, and even some giveaway prizes!  I just adore her so much, and while you're at it, make sure to check out their session from November.  You will quickly realize the consistent likability of this awesome family :)


Above:  Check out that smile!!!!! :D


voting time | free session contest

After much deliberation and pure enjoyment of reading EVERYONE's amazing, truly spectacular ideas, Meredith and I have narrowed the ideas down to our absolute favorites. Just to show what a difficult time we had...we only planned on picking 5 and went with 8!

A HUGE thank you to everyone for submitting your creative ideas! I've had such a time imagining all of these themes! So much so, I'm going to try and have a monthly give-a-way of sorts, so keep checking in to see what you could be winning!


It's time for you to vote on who should win a free photo session!

Before you VOTE, please check out each entry's in full (in the words of the submitters), which are stated below. You don't get the entire feel if you only look at the summary from the poll :).

EVENT: Surprise birthday tea party

"The theme of the party will be a “picturesque” outdoor tea party. All Ella’s friends are invited to dress up in their best tea party too-too’s and prissy dresses. ‘Lace and bows’ vintage tablescape (I’m thinking pinks, marshmallow, and lavendar). Tables set up under a Big oak tree. The cake is a tea pot at the center of the table, finger foods, bubbles, and flowers galore."

FAMILY: Christmas morning

"I have always loved the feelings in a house on Christmas morning, the kids are gitty with excitement, the parents are so filled with love etc I think that a great shoot could be had capturing a family on Christmas morning. The kids coming down the stairs in PJs all smiles would be so great, the surprise of whats in the stockings, opening presents of course, looking at the cookies Santa "ate", parents cooking breakfast while the kids play with all the new toys, the look on the parents faces all morning is priceless as well, etc. No one ever fully captures the magic of Christmas morning, I think it would be amazing to do so. Oh and so the photographer doesn't have to work on Christmas morning, you could always do the shoot on Christmas eve...I'm sure the kids wouldn't mind ;)"

ENGAGEMENTS: First date series

"This one would be for an engagement setup-- for a couple who's a lot of fun and likes to be silly: You'd kind of have a theme of "First Dates"-- I'm sure you've already probably done variations of this already, but I would love to see what you could do in a super colorful candy store. Like one of those with ginormous lollipops, etc. North Park has a candy store-- I can't remember how colorful it is-- but one of those places where candy's just everywhere and the colors are swirling. Then you could do a movie theater-- any theater-- and get some great couple shots in the dark with the light from the projector shining over them and the glare of the screen showing off their faces. You could go during an early matinee where no one else is there. Obviously there are like a million cute shots you could get with popcorn alone. Shots at the concession stand, etc. Then you could go to a coffee shop and do photos there-- I think I've seen you do coffee shop before, though, maybe? Or a crowded ball game where you somehow make everyone a blur except them in the middle of the crowd-- would def work if they were big fans of a college team, etc. Sorry I know I rattled off-- but candy store-- you could do something amazing with that. And basically you could get the whole shoot at North Park mall-- one of the happiest places on earth (for me--haha). But maybe you've already done that? You've done so much great stuff!"

ENGAGEMENTS: Paparazzi capturing dates

"Engage photo session. The Couple are leaving several locations, like nightclubs, restaurants, shopping, and maybe driving by. All of the photos look like they have been taken by paparazzi"

FAMILY: Vintage family re-enactment in old barn

"I've always thought it would be great to have a family photo shoot on location of a broken down barn or home (you know the ones that you see in fields when you're on a road trip). Have everyone get super dressed up to counteract the condition of the barn. The dad could have a briefcase, the mom could have an old vacuum or feather duster and the kids could be playing chess."

PORTRAITS: Wedding dress party of old friends

"So, I have this idea that a whole bunch of girls could get together and wear their wedding dresses again! Let's just call it the wedding dress party. They would have a finely set dinner on a table on the beach or in field with some mountains as the backdrop. The dinner table would have with pictures of their husbands as part of their name tags, and live out all the other wedding decoration fantasies they missed out on the first time! the theme could be all whites/off whites, a bit of gold, and then maybe 1 bright thing-such as red nail polish or one bright peony :) Also, if somehow wild horses were involved they could run through the water in the background. That would be awesome."

ENGAGEMENTS: Acting out your vows

"For an engagement session, a series of photos acting out the traditional vows. For example: "for better" - a normal, lovey photo, "or for worse" - a picture where maybe the guy's on the ground and the girl has her high-heeled foot on his chest like she's conquered him or won the argument; "for richer" - a completely glamorous shot, "or for poorer" - a somewhat grungy shot, maybe at a junkyard or in front of a graffiti-ridden wall. You get the idea. :)"

AFTER SESSION: Acting out your vows

"My idea is for an after session… For an artsy couple who want some fun shots, but couldn’t take the time the day of the wedding. For example… Getting Ready....Have the bride and groom in a field or wooded area with two antique vanity’s back to back and have the bride in her dress and a silk robe and be putting on mascara while on the other side of the vanity the groom is in is tux with his shirt un-tucked and jacket on the back of the chair while he is shaving his face at an old wash basin....Reception...Have the bride and groom in the same field or wooded area and have a vintage “tea party” set up. You could have petit fours, cupcakes, or a small cake for them to feed to each other. Sip tea from cups or champagne from glass flutes....Leaving....Have the bride and groom and a classic car to recreate the “leaving scene” in the field or wooded area. I mean the possibilities are endless. I like the idea of a convertible car because the photo opportunities are so exciting."

Make sure to tell your friends and family to vote! You can share this link with them :) .

The poll will close December 26th and the winner will be announced December 27th!


CONTEST!!! | enter to WIN here

Anybody looking for the perfect present this holiday season? Well, how about a free photo session? That's right, a photo session of your choice AND all the digital negatives.

 EE photography and the amazing Meredith from Sweet T Family are co-hosting a FREE session contest! 


To enter, just leave a comment on this post, or on Meredith's post, or shoot us an email at: erinelenaphoto@gmail.com or thetichenorfamily@gmail.com. 

Things to consider:

1. Make sure to leave your name and a way to get in touch (email preferred). 

2. Since these will be judged by originality, make sure your idea hasn't already been tried out! So look through my blog to make sure your idea is one-of-a-kind. 

3. Examples of what we are looking for. An idea of a creative "session theme" would be a tea party in the woods for a little girl's shoot or going to an amusement park for an engagement shoot. Some of my favorite props have been, silly string, umbrellas, or whenever it gets warmer I want everyone to run through yard sprinklers!! 

4. Since I am located in the DFW area, the session would need to take place in Texas. Or if you live some place where I will be traveling within the next year, I would be happy to work your session in! So check out my calendar on my website to see if I'll be in your area! You might be surprised, I have a few weddings/vacations away from home and may be near you (Northern California, North Carolina, New York, Mexico, Perth (!), etc).

4. Meredith from Sweet T Family and I are going to pick our top 5 favorite ideas and then YOU, your friends and family will vote for the winner! 

Good luck!